Smart Phone Application

About muBe

muBe is an exhibition commentary smartphone application for museums compatible with iOS, Android.

Terms of Use

Be sure to read the terms of use before installing the application, agree with use

Supported smartphone

muBe supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) equipped smartphones running iOS 9 and higher, Android 5 and higher.

Auto detection

muBe automatically notifies and displays explanations of nearby exhibits by indoor positioning technology using BLE beacon.

Voice guidance

muBe can listen to the commentary of the exhibitions with earphones.

Post to SNS

muBe can post exhibition information of interest to SNS(Facebook, Twitter etc).

Dynamic investigation and research

mube has the function of recording visitor's flow line data and staying time data and visualizing it for institution managers and exhibition evaluation related researchers.


From February to March, 2018, in cooperation with The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama, we had given a explanation of exhibitions at the space where outdoor picture taking is possible.
From September, 2016 to March, 2017, in cooperation with National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, we had give a explanation of exhibitions on the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor and the 1st floor of the Earth gallery of the same building.
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